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Hello there, this is Daniela Umbrella Vanilla. Today, I’m writing this as Daniela, creator and producer of Ice Cream Musical. While I wear many hats on Ice Cream Musical, as Producer, Writer, Editor, the Character of Daniela Umbrella Vanilla, and all that jazz, I very much enjoy wearing them separately. Each different role has something different to say, to add, to think of. So I feel the need to channel each perspective differently and uniquely. You know, much is left unsaid after an episode is published. I always have this desire to bring each of you behind the scenes so you can see the heart behind each line, each giggle or each sound effect that you may hear on the show. 

The dedication, the hard work and the ups and downs of an ongoing production are what makes this show so special. So I decided to create this space to share from my heart to yours. This big family is here not only for the little ones in your life, but also for you.

You know, I’ve come to learn that context is everything. Some of the things that I enjoy most in life, I’ve come to appreciate even more, thanks to context. People for example, each person out there is so different, we may wonder the why behind certain behavior, the why behind their choices, the why behind who they are, whether we click with the person or fail to find common ground. In my years on this earth, I’ve come to appreciate the behind the scenes in people’s lives. Being different from people around me, and meeting people who are different from me, has taught me to value what lies behind each person, their story, their reasons to be the way they are. It has taught me to look for context instead of judgment.

I am the same way with so many things, movies, music, food, books … I always appreciate them more, when I learn the context in or for which they were created.

My desire is to provide exactly that. Context. Context to all things Ice Cream Musical. To our characters, our actors, our music, and the heart behind so much of what we do. To offer a conversation I pray will remind you that you are not alone on this journey called life.

If you read this, thank you! Thank you for taking the time, know that I don’t take it lightly. If you and your kids, nephews, nieces, grandkids, little cousins, students … already listen to Ice Cream Musical, thank you for doing so. If this is the first time you hear (read) about the show, welcome!

We are the Musical Experience for kids. We make Podcast episodes with a series of fun stories with important values, exciting characters and adventures for kids, ages 0-100. We make music for kids, which you can hear on the podcast but is also available on all digital platforms, we read stories and make fun videos on Daniela Umbrella Vanilla’s Youtube Channel and as a team, a family, we’re moving forward, everyday creating healthy content for families.

We exist to celebrate imagination and creativity, to create awareness of the big great world around us and to speak faith and hope into every childhood we get to be a part of. We make Healthy Entertainment for Healthy Childhoods.

So hey, I’m glad you are here, and like Daniela Umbrella Vanilla always says at the end of each episode,

“Have an Ice Creamtastic day!” 

We make healthy entertainment because we believe every kid deserves a healthy childhood

Daniela Morales

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  1. Excellent article. I certainly appreciate this website. Stick with it!

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